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Parents & Montessori

Pamela Farris – Parent

"I think the warm, respectful way the teachers greet every child on arrival is wonderful… there's a sense of the children arriving at their own special place. The teachers encourage the children to have confidence in themselves, and to treat each new day as a fresh opportunity to try new things, to solve problems and learn to handle the demands that today's society makes on them."

An atmosphere of mutual love and respect between parents and child forms the strongest possible base for a child's development. Children bring home from the Montessori classroom new skills and a newly-discovered sense of independence. Parents often find that their preschool children enjoy practical life activities and wish to become involved in similar activities at home. By allowing your child to become involved in household tasks, you will reinforce school activities, encouraging your child to learn to become more independent.

Parents can consolidate the Montessori experience by regularly slowing down to their child's pace, tolerating mistakes which lead to learning, and maintaining consistent discipline. Bloomington Montessori School has a library of books about Montessori education and parenting which are available for parents to borrow.

Bloomington Montessori School depends on parents for its operation and maintenance. Parents are required to volunteer their time or services to support the work of the committees of the Board of Directors. Parents are also encouraged to observe the daily activities of their children through the observation room facilities attached to each classroom.