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Summer Camps

The 2016 summer camp information for 2016 will be available by March, 2016.

Below is a description of last summer's camp offerings.

2015 Preschool Summer Camp Descriptions

All preschool sessions are open to current and incoming preschool students. It is strongly encouraged that kindergartners going into first-grade attend the Elementary Camps. Please use the Registration Form to enroll your child in Summer Camp.

All-Day & Half-Day Preschool, Sessions I - III

The following sessions have an all-day and a half-day option. Both options include lunch. The fee for a two-week All-day camp session is $400 and the fee for the Half-day camp session is $250. The fee is due on the first day of camp.

All-day times are 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Half-day times are 8:00 am – 12:30 pm.

Session I: June 1 – 12

Theme: Intro to Montessori (Half-Day)

BMS is offering a camp geared completely toward brand new preschool students. It will be taught by two of our preschool lead teachers in a classroom environment set up specifically to meet the needs of brand new students, with the aim of development of a sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence. This camp will run as a half-day only, with an option to pay the all-day tuition fee and have your child spend the afternoon in the Magnolia classroom.

Teachers: April Waxler & Eve Cusack

Theme: Food & Nutrition (Half-Day or All-Day)

Healthy snacks, simple meal preparation, nutrition and food exploration will be the focus of this camp.

Teacher: Robyn Miller

Theme: Space Camp (All-Day)

Come join us as we blast off into outer space camp! Children will play fun games and sing fun songs about the planets and our universe. We will taste interesting space snacks, make cool art, and have a lot of hands on work experience about the solar system and beyond.

Teacher: Megan Carpenter

Session II: June 15 – June 26

We are only offering one All-Day preschool camp this session.

Theme: Music Camp (All-Day or Half-Day)

Children will participate daily in song plays, musical exploration activities, creative movement, composition, playing instruments, and of course, singing. This camp will be taught by our own BMS elementary music teacher, Amanda Russo, who is also a doctoral candidate in voice performance at IU’s Jacobs School of Music and Preschool Lead teacher, Eve Cusack.

Teachers: Amanda Russo & Eve Cusack

Session III: June 29 – July 10

Theme: Art Camp (Half-Day)

In this two week session students will be presented with information about famous artists and several different types of art mediums and styles. Time will be spent learning the elements of design and using them creatively to produce unique masterpieces. Each child will be given the opportunity to compile their own art and place it on display for the art show that will happen toward the end of camp.

Teacher: Molly Pepper

Theme: STEAM Camp (All-Day)

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. In this camp we will explore these areas in harmony with the Montessori approach of creativity, exploration, classification, and observation. Children will have the opportunity to focus on observational science, experimental science, electricity, design, and math (using a combination of traditional Montessori materials along with weights, measurement, and graphing of information). There will be work available to interest and challenge boys and girls from ages three to six.

Teachers: April Waxler

2015 Elementary Summer Camp Descriptions

All Elementary Summer Camp sessions are open to current and incoming elementary students. It is strongly encouraged that kindergartners going into first-grade attend the Elementary Camps. Please use the Registration Form to enroll your child in Summer Camp.

The fee for a two-week Elementary camp session is $290, due on the first day of camp.

As support for working families with elementary school aged campers, we also provide an aftercare program from 3:15pm to 5:30pm. The fee for a two-week After-care camp session is $70. Your child must be enrolled in a camp during the same session.

Download the 2015 Summer Programs schedule and application form now.

Elementary Session I:  June 1st - 12th

Topic: Camp Challenge

Age Group: 6-12 year olds

Time: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM, M-F

Teachers: Emily Miller & David Weigand

In an action packed camp, students will discover their personal best in both group and individual challenges, field games, mind games, logic puzzles and more. Camp Challenge features team building and personal challenges.  This camp features something for just about everyone -- a great time to get to know your personal abilities as well as learning how to work as a team.

Elementary Session II:  June 15th  – June 26th

Topic:  Circus Stars Camp

Age Group:  6-12 year olds

Time:  8:30 AM-3:30 PM, M-F

Teacher: Ann Dorwin & Christy True

Long-time circus education specialist is offering a two-week circus camp for students entering first through graduated sixth grade. This camp will introduce students to juggling, plate-spinning, devilstick and diabolo manipulation, object balancing, stilt-walking, clowning and more. Alongside the physical circus skills will be complementary educational works that will allow students to explore a diverse range of subjects such as history, society and culture, language, physics, and economy, all viewed through the lens of the circus. The camp will culminate in a spectacular, full-length circus show, performed by the students for their families and peers.

Elementary Session III:  June 29th – July 10th

Topic: Construction Camp

Age Group: 6-12 year olds

Time: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM, M-F

Teacher: Jacob Bailey & Gina Keifer

This is the much requested camp that we have done for years now. Children do a wide variety of building activities. There are many building sets that they use  throughout the camp and then there are some one-time make and take projects. There are projects available for gross motor and fine motor development.  There will also be an art station always set up. Popular traditions in the camp include, the catapult contest, car racing, cup stacking, tower building (K’nexs), etc.  There will be a large amount of legos for use. We will also build some larger scale projects outside. This camp is very child-centered meaning that children can choose what to work on and for how long to work on it. There will not be lengthy lessons about building  strategies. The children learn building strategies by practicing.